insulating house

The benefits of insulation

We can't stop the heating bills from constantly increasing, but there are many things we can do to keep the heat inside our house as much as possible.This is where the painfully familiar thermal insulation comes to the rescue.Insulation will not only improve the energy efficiency of our home, but also protect the house from destructive climatic conditions.Most old buildings do not have thermal insulation and do not meet the requirements for energy efficiency. The lack of thermal insulation is felt mostly in the cold months, when electricity bills become high. The lack of insulation can also lead to the destruction of some elements of the house.

The materials with which a house can be insulated are extremely many and varied. For my insulation, I was faced with the dilemma of whether to use XPS or EPS, but many craftsmen convinced me that XPS has its application, but in isolated cases. That's why I chose EPS (expanded polystyrene) with a thickness of 8 cm. The advantage of this material is that it has extremely good thermal insulation properties and is very easy to apply. What I can say for sure is that the climate in my home has improved and my electricity bills have gone down. Even when I turn off the air conditioner for a few hours, my home remains warm and cozy, without the walls being cold, so I appeal to installing thermal insulation.

Last but not least, we can say that the appearance of the house has changed in a positive direction.The insulation also solved the damp problem in my home. My house was built 40 years ago and now it looks as if it was built yesterday. Gluing insulation is extremely easy, but be careful when covering the thermal insulation boards. You must apply at least 2 layers of glue before applying the finishing plaster, because otherwise the sun will destroy the insulation in about 10 years.I think I don't need to dilute the topic any more, so I will sum it up. As soon as possible, isolate your home and enjoy a warm and cozy home with your loved ones.