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Proper maintenance of ryegrass

To begin with, I want to share with you that the proper maintenance of ryegrass is not a difficult task.Here I just want to add that there are factors that we cannot influence regardless of our efforts.

The first and most important thing is the regular and correct watering of the grass.Even the hardiest and most drought-tolerant seed varieties need regular watering to keep them vibrant, beautiful and green.What I do when I wake up in the morning is to water the garden. I choose the mornings because the sun is not that strong yet and we all know that if we water in sunny and hot weather we risk scorching our green meadow and turning it yellow.Excessive watering is also not a good option. If you notice the appearance of mushrooms and different types of moss on the grass, you should reconsider watering the green areas.

The other important and mandatory thing is to regularly mow the lawn.

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The optimal grass mowing is once a week and is maintained at an average height of about 5-6 cm. It is best to keep the grass at a height of about 5-7 cm. You should not let it overgrow as this disrupts its twining.I must point out that if the grass is mowed too often, it loses its vitality. So, if you don't want to have an exhausted meadow, then mow it no more than once a week.If of course you've already exhausted your lawn, then that calls for fertilizing. I'm not a fan of anything man-made, but still, if it's imperative, then use mineral fertilizers, because organic ones aren't as effective on an already finished lawn, but and compromise its decorative effect.Fertilization must be done in dry weather. After applying the fertilizer, water must be applied to dissolve the fertilizer.Yes, the maintenance of ryegrass or as it is also called lolium can sometimes not be such an easy task. If you want to have only a certain type of grass I recommend you to water only with tap water because in the river or springs there are many seeds that "float" inside and this can dilute your grass with other varieties.